Customer ratings and reviews

Customer ratings and reviews

Customer ratings and reviews

Customer Reviews

Vacanceselect aims to integrate as many customers as possible in its operations. We publish the yearly magazine "Our Holiday" with the personal experiences of our customers because we highly value your opinion. Who can say it better than those who have been on holiday with us? Our clients are experts and a source of information for everyone so we see it as an enrichment of the information. We respect and welcome a sense of authenticity to your review.

rules regarding customer reviews

1) Vacanceselect is committed to revealing all customer reviews in a publication in an honest and authentic way, without having to manipulate ratings in any way 
2) Vacanceselect accepts no customer reviews that do not meet the standards we set for acceptable language. Specifically, this means that customer ratings with indecent language will not be accepted. 
3) All ratings which are attributable to incidents (such as noisy neighbours or bad weather) and are beyond the control of the holiday accommodation provider will not be counted in the accommodation assessment.
4) The customer review system is not intended for lodging complaints and as such should be treated separately by our customer (please see complaint process)
5) Reviews that are no longer applicable will be removed. 
7) Reviews must not be older than two years. 
8) All reviews are checked by our editors for spelling, punctuation and style errors so that the reviews published are legible. Of course we edit without compromising the authenticity the submitted texts.


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