Complaints and Quality Statement

Complaints and Quality Statement

Vacanceselect pays the utmost attention to the quality of our product.  For example, all accommodation within the range is personally inspected by our staff. The wishes and demands of the Dutch holidaymakers count as a starting point and Vacanceselect performs quality checks annually to review the destinations and the quality requirements.

Last but not least each guest is invited to give a rating / review after a holiday about our products, services and accommodation. Should you, in spite of our thoroughness, consider that the description of your destination does not correspond to this website with your holiday experience, it is much appreciated when you report it. Much value is attached to your judgment so that Selectcamp so can continue to improve each time. If you desire to use the complaints procedure of Vacanceselect, we have different ways of bringing your issues to our attention.

A complaint prior to your travel

Includes complaints about dissatisfaction with the booking process, website, information or service of Vacanceselect.

A complaint regarding your stay in our accommodation

If you think you have a complaint about the property you must submit your complaint to the accommodation provider or reception in order to enable them to resolve the problem immediately. If you cannot reach a solution with the accommodation provider do not come together in a solution, please contact Vacanceselect so that we can reach a satisfactory solution for you as soon as possible. Please note that contacting our out of hour’s service is intended for emergencies and serious complaints.

Please note you must raise your complaint whilst in resort, we will not subsequently accept new complaints when you are back in the Netherlands. Your complaint must be filed within one month after termination of the rental in writing and addressed to Vacanceselect. Complainta after this time period cannot be accepted. 
Complaints can be submitted only through our complaint form. See bottom of page for the link to the complaint form.

When we receive your complaint we will respond to you within five working days of receipt by the Consumer Division. This confirmation will explain how to further process your complaint.

Of course we will do everything to respond to your complaint in a good way. If you end up not satisfied with the handling of your complaint? Then you can contact the independent Disputes Committee Travel ( ).