The prices quoted are per accommodation per week, unless otherwise stated. Any other additional costs are always listed separately. In the case of deals, in which a few days or one week of accommodation is offered free of charge, the cheapest days or week will be used. A combination of discounts is not possible. If you arrive late or depart early you will be charged the total amount of the entire booked period. Vacanceselect reserves the right to change the selling price if changes in costs and charges due so dictate.

Structure of the invoice

On the invoice are the following costs: the rental cost which is divided into a deposit and a final payment, the booking charges of € 24.50 per booking, insurance premiums and contributions to the Dutch Disaster Insurance.

The Dutch Disaster Insurance

Vacanceselect holidays are guaranteed by the Dutch Disaster Insurance. This means that you are entitled to a refund of (or part of) the monies paid and / or reimbursement of necessary cost if the tour operator cannot or will not complete the trip due to an emergency. You pay per booking a mandatory consumer contribution of € 2.50 to the Dutch Disaster Insurance. For reservations to travel within the Netherlands, you pay nothing. Find more information about the Dutch Disaster Insurance at

Payable costs

Payable costs of delivered energy, water, telephone, cleaning, linen and other costs directly associated with the use of the property must be paid by the owner / manager. Optional features you can specify when booking.

Tourist tax

For staying in most accommodation you have to pay a small amount of tourist tax. The amount of this fee varies by country and is listed in the relevant accommodation. It is possible that the amount changes throughout the season.


The accommodation deposit must be paid on arrival. At the end of the stay if the accommodation is not cleaned or damage has been done, a portion or all of the deposit may be retained. It is also possible that any costs which are payable on site will be deducted from the deposit. Vacanceselect takes no responsibility for loss and/or repayment of the deposit.