Veilig op vakantie

Safe holiday destinations

Piece of mind before when you go on holiday

One of our common questions lately is asking about the security at the destination. Unfortunately, it is a question that is being asked more and more:  Are my family safe to go on holiday there?

With everything we have seen in recent years on the news, this is important. You would like to know where you can safely go with your family. So which destinations which are the best to go?

Holidays in Europe

The safest holiday destinations can be found close to home in Europe, many of the safest holiday destinations in the world. Austria in 2016 was number three in the Global Peace Index. The typical holiday destinations include Spain, Italy and Croatia are also among the safest destinations.

Safety on the campsite

At many campsites safety is the most important part. There is often a large barrier and security guards 24/7 - without prejudice to the holiday feeling.

Recent advice

The safety of holiday destinations are constantly changing. Always check the latest travel advice for safe holiday destinations. There are plenty of beautiful places to explore where you can enjoy the holidays without worrying about safety! 

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