Carefree travel

Carefree travel

Information you may need for a stress-free holiday !

In some European countries there are rules and laws that you may find useful to know whilst on holiday or before you travel. Please read the information below carefully and make sure you do not get any unexpected surprises!

Travel insurance

We highly recommend all customer’s take out holiday insurance prior to travel , ideally the day you book to ensure you are suitably covered in the event you may not be able to travel , also to cover whilst on holiday.

Selectcamp recommend therefore to take out a good level of travel insurance. We could arrange this insurance for you in collaboration with Europe Serbian insurance!

Toll roads and tolls in Europe

In southern Europe you should consider the toll roads. For Eastern European highways a motorway pass is required and it is essential all guests purchase one. Detailed information and prices differ by country. 

Ban on equipment safety camera alerts

In some European countries the use / possession of any type of safety camera alerts are strictly prohibited. This prohibition includes equipment that provides alerts for mobile and fixed equipment and is punishable with  a fine of up to € 1500!

Medication whilst travelling

For travel within the Schengen area  you must have a Schengen Statement to bring medication into the area. If a country does not fall within the Schengen area then it is obligatory to have an English medical clearance for travel outside the Schengen area on you. 

Children are required to have their own passport!

The recording of your child in your passport is no longer possible. All children must have their own individual  passport ( since June 2012) 

Mandatory safety items in the car

In some European countries you are required at all times to have certain safety features within the car. Therefore we recommend you to check  this information carefully.

Transport of children abroad

For transporting children in your car there are different guidelines within EU. Different countries have different rules eg. When a child must be in a booster seat..

Mandatory alcohol tester

In France it is mandatory ( since July 2012) at all times to have an unused and readily alcohol tester with you. However, no fines are issued if you do not have them with you at present.