Legal Notice

Legal Notice

At Campingselection we respect your privacy and strictly adhere to the privacy rules that the law imposes on us. In this privacy statement we will inform you about the way in which we deal with personal data that we collect from you and about the rights you can exercise within that framework.

1. Responsible party and Data Protection Officer
Responsible for collecting your personal data is the company under Swiss law Vacanceselect International AG, located in Carouge/Geneva, Switzerland at the (1227) Rue du Tir-au-Canon 4. This company has appointed the private company Vacanceselect Europe BV, established in Alkmaar as representative on privacy matters, with which company a Data Protection Officer has been appointed.  The name and contact details of this official are: Mr. M. Martens. Available via e-mail at: or by post: Vacanceselect Europe B.V., Comeniusstraat 8, 1817 MS in Alkmaar, Holland. You have the right to object to the collection of your personal data at any time. You can indicate this in writing and sent to the Data Protection Officer.

2. Goals
We collect your personal data for one or more of the following purposes:
a) Implementation of your travel agreement.
b) Payment.
c) Sending of our newsletter and direct mail.
d) Creating your account.
e) Communication by telephone, e-mail or chat, whether or not via social media, in order to provide our services.
f) To inform of changes to our services and products.
g) Research and analysis to improve our services and products.
h) Promoting the conclusion of a travel agreement.
i) Analysis of your surfing behavior on the websites managed by us in order to improve our websites and to tailor the range of services and products to your preferences.
j) Execution of actions, such as a competition or quiz, to generate traffic to the websites managed by us.

3. Accounting policies
The collection of your personal data always includes one of the following legal bases:
A. Implementation of the travel agreement that we have with you.
B. Your permission.
C. Promoting a legitimate interest, namely direct mail.

4. Receivers
Your personal data can be provided to the following parties:

a) Operators and managers of the affiliated holiday properties where you will stay during a booked holiday.
b) Companies that analyze your data in our assignment for marketing purposes.
c) Companies that store your data (exclusively) in our order.
d) Ministries and emergency services in case of calamities.
e) Facebook for targeted advertising campaigns.

5. Retention periods
We never store your data for longer than necessary for the purpose with which it is collected. Your data will be destroyed after this period. Third parties who may receive information from  us after the expiry of this period or, if earlier, after the expiration of their services, return or destroy your personal data.

6. Your rights
Based on the law, in certain cases you are entitled to:
I. Access to all personal data we have collected from you and to receive a copy of that data.
II. Improve and supplement your data so that errors or inaccuracies can be corrected.
III. Clearing your personal data or temporarily suspending its processing.
IV. Receiving in a structured form a digital file of all personal data that we have collected from you so that you can transfer your data to another party.
V. Withdrawing a previously given permission for processing data.
VI. Submitting a complaint to the supervisory privacy authority if you believe that your rights are being violated.

You can submit the above requests in writing to our Data Protection Officer.

7. Transfer to proprietors
Some of the personal data that you have provided are transferred to the proprietor who makes the accommodation that you booked available to you. The following data are concerned:

  • Initials, first name and surname
  • The initials of your co-travellers and their first name and surname
  • Your date of birth
  • The date of birth of your co-travellers

These data are transferred so that the proprietor can determine the tourist tax due and register the booking locally.

In order not to have to refer you if you want to exercise your rights with regard to one or more of these data, we have agreed with the proprietors we work with that data subjects may submit their requests to us. We will deal with these requests in cooperation with the proprietor. This does not alter the fact that if you want to, you may submit your request directly to the proprietor. In that case, we will inform you of the identity and contact details of the proprietor in question.

8. Automated decision making and profiling
Based on your personal data, we can automatically make predictions that say something about your personal preferences and interests. In this way we can make offers that fit well with your personal situation and preferences. If you have any objection to this for whatever reason, please let us know.

9. Security
Your personal information is in good hands with us. We take all security measures that are necessary to prevent the breach of your data as much as possible. If we use third parties, we
conclude a separate agreement with them in which the third party must guarantee appropriate and organizational measures are taken to protect your data.

10. Cookies
Cookies are used on the websites operated by us. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or smartphone during your visit to the website and that collect
information about your behavior. Your rights regarding cookies are included in our cookie statement.

11. Entry into force
These regulations come into effect on 25 May 2018.