Mobile Homes

Mobile Homes

Deluxe, Comfort & Exclusive Mobile Homes

At Selectcamp our mobile homes are fully equipped with a stone or wooden deck and have long been popular with our loyal guests. To fully enjoy the mobile home there are models "Mobile Classic", "Mobile Deluxe" and "Mobile Exclusive". All mobile homes have a spacious layout, romantic décor and are equipped with all kinds of luxuries. With our personally designed accommodation the mobile homes "Classic Select", "Deluxe Select" and "Exclusive Select" have either 2 or 3 bedrooms.

Outdoor living

Many of the various mobile home models which have been designed with our customer’s wishes in mind. have a wooden terrace to enjoy the outdoors comfortably. Sometimes it can get a little warm in your accommodation, so It's good to know that all homes have air conditioning. You can adjust yourself to a comfortable temperature in your accommodation.

Classic SelectStacaravan Classic Select

  • Comfortable interior with dining area
  • Up to 4 adults and 2 children
  • All types have airconditioning

Comfort SelectStacaravan Comfort Select 2 slaapkamers

  • Nice interior and complete inventory
  • Modern designer kitchen
  • All types have airconditioning

Deluxe Select Stacaravan DeLuxe Select 3 slaapkamers

  • Extra wide mobile home
  • Three bedrooms
  • All types have airconditioning

Exclusive Select 2 BedroomsExclusive Select 2 slaapkamers

  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Fully equipped designer kitchen
  • Newest Accommodation

Exclusive Dog SelectExclusive Dog Select

  • Special Dog Room
  • Extra Large Terrace
  • Spacious, modern living area

Exclusive Select 2 BedroomsExclusive Select 3 slaapkamers

  • Fully equipped designer kitchen
  • Spacious terrace with garden furniture
  • Spacious, modern living area