The history of Selectcamp

The history of Selectcamp

Take a look at the 25 years history of Selectcamp

From a traditonal mobile home to the unique Airlodge

The love of the camping world began over 25 years ago when Loek van de Loo started his own campsite. With Selectcamp a dream and a passion was born and now you have the choice to stay in every type of accommodation.

Learn how Selectcamp has given camping a completely whole new dimension.

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Independent family business since 1992

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Selectcamp grows rapidly

By late 1999, there were more than nineteen different sites in France and Italy and the Netherlands was added to it. A family holiday in our country, Camping Duinrell, with guests having an amusement park they could use for free. All this is being promoted for the first time in a (then modern) complete brochure, and proud we are of the result!

Book your holiday online!

Surf and book! Today it is unthinkable that there would be a holiday provider which without a website, but in 2001 it was quite unique to have a website where in a few clicks you could book a holiday.

Extra luxurious mobile homes

The mobile homes are luxurious and unique. And for the larger families the Grand Comfort mobile home was introduced with three bedrooms and a kitchen with Italian design. There was a new version introduced called the Cottage Deluxe. This had a wider kitchen and an extra en-suite in the bedroom. 

Tents become more luxurious and spacious

It was time for a new type of tent and now very popular Lodgetent was introduced. Guests who had  booked a normal tent will be upgraded for free to a Lodgetent. This new type of tent was more luxurious, larger and had hot and cold running water in the kitchen, a private bathroom and a spacious shower. So the luxury of a mobile home with the charm of a tent

Glamorous camping

Due to the enormous success of the Lodgetent, we almost immediately designed a more luxurious 'Lodge Suite'. This tent has a four-poster bed, a roll top bath and a separate Junior tent for the kids. Another success story. In 2010, the suite was actually placed on the market and officially the term ‘Glamping’ was born (glamorous + camping)!

Camping with the luxury of home comforts

We then designed the new stylish modern Mobile home Exclusives that have all your home comforts! Making your holidays even more memorable.

Old-fashioned camping with unique styles

Obviously Selectcamp also continues to improve the tents. Many site visitors are, after all, just looking for a luxurious tent for a great camping trip, so the Glamptent has been created. This is more comfortable and is full of unique features such as a canopy.

For those who can’t get enough of Glamping we also have a safari-style tent with Selectcamp. The Lodgetent Deluxe it is called, this particular accommodation is on camping Norcenni Girasole.

The Selectcamp product does not stand still, and by continuing to listen to our guests who have experienced staying in our accommodation, we can change them to the desire of our customers.

With the personal touch!

Luxury camping

Selectcamp began with a clear concept: camping is should be fun, but should also be comfortable. It was the first company to rent fully furnished bungalows and mobile homes on Loek’s own campsite, camping Weekend on Lake Garda. Everything is thought about carefully with our accommodation.

More tents, more fun!

In the following years, the range expanded. Customers then had the choice to stay on more luxury campsites on the Adriatic coast including camping Ca'Savio and Isolino on Lake Iseo. Also Pianacce on the Tuscan coast. Everyone agrees that these Italian gems can’t be missed by Selectcamp.

Viva la France!

A new milestone for Selectcamp! Besides camping in Italy, we then set foot in France. One site in Languedoc-Roussillon and one on the Atlantic coast. In addition to the tents and mobile homes, a new type of accommodation was designed to make holidays even better. The so-called caravan Cottage is recognisable by its decor, pointed roof and red shutters.

The motto in 2002: Dream big!

After many great reviews about the Cottage caravan Loek began to think of ways to improve the accommodation. Working with the design team we introduced the Cottage Deluxe. All mod cons, such as an extra wide shower, a wooden terrace and a luxurious kitchen. Even a hair dryer was included for the first time.

By partnering with a British organisation, were are also another seven large 3-bedroom mobile homes at prime locations in France.

Visit the coast in Croatia

We now move our accommodation to the increasingly popular Croatia at campsites in Istria and Dalmatia. By now we already have 44 campsites! Selectcamp children's entertainment also gets a makeover and continues under the name ‘Looky club’. Here, children can enjoy three days of face painting in the week and organised games. 

Sleeping under the stars

The innovation didn’t stop with Loek and Selectcamp. Glamping was the new trend so we created a completely new type of accommodation - The Airlodge! This lodge has two floors and the roof is translucent, so you can watch the stars from your spacious double bed. The kids sleep in a bed with love heart shutters and the accommodation is fully equipped with a spacious terrace with deck chairs and a parasol.

New types of mobile homes were introduced: A Lodgetent + Mobile Home = Hybrid Lodge Clever. This beautiful property is the best of two worlds, outside on the terrace there is a fully equipped kitchen and inside is great to relax with a spacious shower and two large bedrooms. Truly stunning accommodation!