Jakość i ubezpieczenie

Jakość i ubezpieczenie


Selectcamp / Vacanceselect are affiliated with the ANVR (Dutch Association of Travel Agencies). The ANVR is the umbrella organization operating since 1966 representing interests in the travel industry.

As a traveller, you can book a holiday with Selectcamp / Vacanceselect and take advantage of the six securities carried by the ANVR. These securities make up the difference for you so see below six reasons to book a holiday with a member of ANVR.

  1. Honest conditions 
  2. Your money is in good hands 
  3. Travel safely 
  4. Quality of service
  5. Responsible travel 
  6. Secure complaints procedure 

You can read the explanation in more details by visiting www.anvr.nl


It may happen that your travel company is in financial difficulties and cannot meet its obligations to fulfil your holiday. The Travel Compensation Fund (SGR) stands as security for your prepaid travel money. Specifically, this means that you will get your prepaid travel money refunded and if you are already on your holiday, then SGR ensures that you do not end up stranded in resort.  The SGR guarantee does not cover car hire. Vacanceselect is affiliated with SGR. Click here for more information about SGR.

On our agreement, the terms of the guarantee of the Travel Compensation Fund (SGR) located in Rotterdam, Admiraliteitskade 40, 3063 ED, also apply. These conditions are in the SGR for inspection, and are filed with the Court of Rotterdam, as well as with the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam. To immediately view the term free of charge on request please visit www.SGR.nl Not valid for travellers from Belgium.

The Dutch Disaster Insurance

Vacanceselect International AG is affiliated with the Dutch Emergency Insurance for Travellers , abbreviated NCV. The limits of the travel insurance are published on this website under the heading of NCV. Click here for more information about the NCV

On our agreement to the terms and conditions of NCV are also applicable. These conditions can be downloaded from the website: www.nederlandsecalamiteitenverzekering.nl/calamiteitenvoorwaarden.php

Coverage also applies to Belgian travellers, if booked on the Selectcamp Dutch website.


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