Money and Travel documents

Money and Travel documents

If you go abroad, you must be in possession of the correct valid travel document. A valid current passport is required to cross all borders throughout Europe. You can apply for a passport in the country where you are registered. Please be aware depending on the time of year passports can take a few weeks to process so please allow enough time prior to your holiday. In holiday periods it may take longer. Children are required to have their own passport with a current photograph. The possession of the correct travel documents is always your responsibility.

Autobahn Vignettes Austria and Switzerland

For travel in both Switzerland and Austria, autobahn vignettes are required. These vignettes are available at the ANWB and the highway border crossings. For prices please consult the ANWB website.


Do not take too much cash with you. We recommend some cash for the first few days is sufficient. At most places, you can use just with a debit card or credit card. We recommend making your bank aware you will be using it abroad.