Camping im Frühjahr

Camping im Frühjahr

Enjoy the early sun

Besides the usual hours on the beach, this time of year offers much more enjoyment in the surrounding area, the nation's culture and the sports facilities on and around the camp site. Many families are more or less forced to book their holidays in high season, due to their children going school. This period is of course renowned for the over crowded destinations and its high price level. More and more couples without (children going school) book their holidays in the early or late season, and claim that they never want to change! Who could blame them!

In the last couple of years, the holiday parks have become more and more aware of the increasing demand for holidays in early & late season. This has without doubt benefited from the service and facilities available within this period. Most restaurants and shops are open. You will understand this varies by holiday park, and it's possible the opening hours are slightly adjusted, but we can safely say the low season no longer exists!

The advantages of early and late season:

  • No traffic jams on the way to your destination
  • No big crowds in and around your vacation park, plenty of parking
  • Ideal temperature for cultural excursions
  • The sun in southern Europe is perfect for beach breaks
  • The atmosphere on the holiday park is peaceful and friendly
  • Ideal period for the active holiday makers
  • Our representative has even more time for your personal touch!
  • The choice of holiday parks is the same as in high season, but at a much lower price

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